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Custom options trading
Vetted alternative investments
Capital calls and distribution management

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Total managed


Taxable investments
Retirement investments
Concentrated Stocks
$8,800 to $44,800
Cost-effective investment implementation (expense ratios)
Regular rebalancing
Asset allocation
0% - 0.6%
Spending strategy (withdrawal order)
0% - 1.2%
$5,000 to $10,000
$5,000 to $10,000
Tax Alpha
0.5% - 1%
0.5% - 1%
Treasury Bills
High Yield Savings
Income-Generating Options
Up to $96k in premiums
Not available
Alternative Investments
Vetted alternative investments
Not available
Equity Management
Expert and specialized tools
Not available
Estate Planning
Holistic planning support
Not available
Total Alpha
Up to $198,100$61,100 - $198,100
Up to $67,600$62,600 - $67,600

Although reasonable assumptions have been applied, the future rate of return and risk for an investment cannot be predicted with certainty, nor can correlation coefficients between investments. There is no guarantee that income or gain realized will be repeated. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Further, security implementation decisions may have a significant effect on risk and return results. The returns and risks identified in the illustration in no way represents a guarantee that the portfolio will produce a particular result. There is no guarantee that the expected return, standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, or any other measures of risk/return indicated for either the current asset allocation or target asset allocation will be achieved over the investing horizon. Principal value and investment return will fluctuate, so that an investor’s investment, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original investment, and it is possible to lose principal value in its entirety.

Advisor Alpha

Advisor Alpha represents a potential representative example of value that an individual may receive from working with an advisor. The theoretical framework is derived from Vanguard’s publicly available Advisor’s Alpha® and their corresponding research; it is for general informational and illustration purposes and not directed for any specific investor or category of investors. Compound Planning may use Vanguard securities for implementation of specific client investment strategies, but is not affiliated with Vanguard nor receives any compensation for using their research or securities. Specific value an individual may gain from choosing to engage with an advisor, including Compound Planning, may vary substantially or entirely from the potential value listed here. Certain services including but not limited to Treasury Management and Options Strategies may not be available to all clients. None of the information contained herein should be considered as a recommendation to engage or not engage in any specific investment related activity, nor should any information be considered investment advice.


No companies referenced on this page are affiliated with Compound Planning, and no information contained herein should be taken as endorsement from or for any of said companies. All trademarks and rights reserved by each respective company. Information about comparisons to companies, both specific and general examples, are based on publicly available information including news reports and public company websites. This includes publicly available information about typical service and pricing offerings.


Any performance data provided represents past performance and should not be considered indicative of future results. Some past performance data may be presented on a hypothetical basis based on current account holdings, representative examples of non-personally identifiable past client work, and may not reflect the actual performance of a specific account holdings and transactions over the same time period. Individual holdings may not have any or a complete past historical pricing and performance history; where history was unavailable, generic pricing and performance history for that holding’s estimated class may be used. Hypothetical future returns are based on pricing, performance, and other risk return data that may be available on a security or class level. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Principal value and investment return will fluctuate, so that an investor’s shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than the original investment. Any investment may contain the risk, however small, of complete loss. Fund portfolio statistics change over time. Funds are not FDIC-insured (unless specifically noted by your financial institution custodian when appropriate), may lose some or all value, and are not guaranteed by a bank or a financial institution.

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