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Introducing Revocable Trusts

1 MIN READ02 FEB 2023

Compound can now help you and your family set up a revocable trust.

When a person dies without having placed their assets in a revocable trust, their assets often must go through what’s called “probate” before distribution to heirs. In probate, state courts oversee the distribution of the estate.

The process can be costly and painful for your heirs — it can last a year or more, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and make the contents of your estate a matter of public record.

Once assets are placed into a revocable trust, they bypass the probate process and are distributed to beneficiaries more quickly and efficiently. And a revocable trust can be refined over time, so your estate plan evolves as your wealth grows.

Compound clients can work with their financial advisors to determine the right estate strategy, compare provider options, and efficiently set up their revocable trust.

Revocable trusts compliment Irrevocable Trusts, which Compound can also help with.

(Note: Compound is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. We work with third parties to help you efficiently design and implement your estate plan.)

And because estate planning integrates with the rest of the Compound, all of your documents will automatically propagate through the Compound Platform. Financial, tax, and estate planning are that much easier.

Revocable trust services are available to any Compound client working with a financial advisor.

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