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Compound is compounding

1 MIN READ07 SEP 2023

There is currently no Apple of wealth management—no leading service that every ambitious person uses because it delivers unparalleled quality and value. Creating this has always been Compound’s aspiration. Today, we are announcing a major step towards our vision.

Compound is merging with Alternativ Wealth to form Compound Planning, a digital family office managing approximately $1.1 billion in assets under management. Compound Planning will provide a leading wealth management technology and service offering that leverages the experiences, resources, and support from the combined team, enabling our advisors to deliver a personalized planning experience that feels exceptional for our clients.

As a client, your experience is improving as our advisory teams now have greater resources to assist and serve you: dedicated financial advisory, expert tax services, digital dashboard interface, alternative investments, efficient concierge operations, and more.

To support our scale, I am excited to announce that Christian Haigh will become the new CEO of Compound. Christian is someone I admire as an experienced founder and driven leader who brings experiences from the investment management and technology industries.

I am excited to support Christian and am extremely optimistic for what’s next as we bring our technology and services to many more advisors and clients. I am grateful to our team, partners, and clients for the support.


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