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2 MIN READ21 MAR 2023

Through Compound, you can now manage your whole financial life—from getting a mortgage, to estate planning, to executive coaching.

Managing your finances is complex. And as you advance in your career, build a family, or your startup hits hockey-stick growth, the complexity can hockey-stick, too.

The range of problems to solve is endless. How do I afford to early-exercise my options? Can I sell startup shares ahead of an IPO? Do I need an estate plan? A CRUT, GRAT, or CLAT? Are my assets insured properly? And how do all of these choices impact my taxes, and my progress towards my financial goals?

Through Compound Services, you can quickly find financial solutions for whatever financial problems you’re facing.

Compound Services offers a wide range of solutions including:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Pre-IPO liquidity through startup-backed loans or secondary sales
  • White-glove insurance support, and specific insurance policies like umbrella insurance
  • Data tools to understand how your startup shares are trading in secondary markets
  • Access to executive coaches who work with founders, executives, and growing leaders in tech
  • Estate planning tools
  • Charitable giving tools
  • Professional audits of your physical and cyber security
  • Real estate agents

Plus much more.

Every solution on the platform has been carefully researched by the Compound team, and is trusted to deliver a reliable experience.

And because you’re working through the Compound platform, your financial information and documents are stored in one place. This makes it easy to understand the financial impact of your decisions and simplify your financial life.

You can work with your advisor to find the right solutions for your specific needs. Visit the Services page or reach out to your financial advisor to get started.

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