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How Compound is supporting you during these uncertain times

1 MIN READ12 MAR 2023

Recent financial news has created tremendous stress for many individuals and families in our community. The Compound team is working around the clock to support you during this challenging time.

If you have questions or concerns about your personal finances, book a free office hour session with our team of financial and tax advisors. You can also email our founder [email protected].

We can help you navigate decisions relating to personal cash management and answer any other questions that may be on your mind.

We have already helped hundreds of people better understand the implications for their finances:

1) How can I recover my money? What is the FDIC? SIPC? What is going to happen to my payments? What is a bailout?

2) What is a treasury bill? What is a money market fund? What is a sweep account?

3) How should I manage risk? How does this impact my investments?

We can also help you implement a thoughtful asset protection strategy (e.g. laddering T-bills) according to your objectives.

Compound is an independent registered investment advisor regulated by the SEC. We are a fiduciary, which legally obligates us to provide advice that serves your best interests.

At Compound, our vision is to help people not have to worry about money. We are here to help you through this situation.

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