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Introducing Compound

2 MIN READ02 NOV 2022

We’ve worked our careers in high-growth startups next to talented individuals who are clueless about the most important financial opportunities in their lives. To solve this, you’re forced to either learn obscure details of the tax code or speak with salesy private bankers.

We founded Compound to empower people who work in tech to make better financial decisions so they have the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Compound is an all-in-one financial platform, much like a family office, that helps clients track their assets (e.g. startup equity, cryptocurrencies, fund investments, public securities), optimize their taxes (e.g. AMT), and invest their liquidity into tax-efficient public and private portfolios. Clients work with Compound advisors—experts who understand the emotional and technical nuances of a career in the startup world—to efficiently manage their finances.

Today, we’re announcing our recent $25M Series B, led by Greenoaks and Lachy Groom. Over the past several years, we’re grateful to have raised $37M with the support of investors including Egon Durban (Silver Lake), Y Combinator, XYZ, SciFi, Day One Ventures, and founders and executives from Coinbase, Goldman Sachs, Meta, Stripe, Brex, Plaid, Adobe, Notion, AngelList, Eventbrite, Affirm, Polychain, Paradigm, Blend, Quora, Vise, Carta, and Point.

The next generation of wealth is incompatible with the status quo. We believe that the majority of our clients' value will be created in the future and are committed to supporting their growth.

If acronyms like ISOs, AMT, GRATs, etc. make your head spin and you’re not particularly excited to talk to a traditional “advisor/salesperson” who will treat you exactly like they would treat a dentist (and know as much as your dentist does about NSOs), we’re looking forward to helping.

If solving these problems excites you, we’re hiring kind and ambitious people.

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We combine the best of wealth management, investment strategy, and tax planning in a thoughtfully designed personal finance platform.