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Introducing Irrevocable Trusts

1 MIN READ12 DEC 2022

Compound can now help you create an irrevocable trust.

Estate planning is notoriously difficult. First, it’s a weird thing to do because you’re thinking about your own death. Second, it’s opaque and complicated. And third, by the time most people do it, they do it too late to reap all of the benefits.

While we haven’t been able to change the peculiarity of the topic, we have made the process a lot more manageable.

Compound can help you form a comprehensive estate plan that grows your wealth and protects your assets.

This includes all of the core documents (e.g. a revocable trust, power of attorney, healthcare directive, etc.) and, now, a menu of irrevocable trusts.

They’re not for everyone, but for some people, irrevocable trusts can literally make a million-dollar difference. (Or more!)

Compound clients can work with their advisors and with partnered estate attorneys to navigate the alphabet soup of trusts (GRATs, CRUTs, NIMCRUTs, etc.). If you decide to set one up, it’ll be implemented within a few days.

And because estate planning integrates with the rest of the Compound, all of your documents will automatically propagate through the Compound Platform. Financial planning is easier, tax planning is easier, and borrowing is easier. And so much more.

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