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Introducing Vault

2 MIN READ10 NOV 2022

Most tech people are disorganized when it comes to managing their financial documents [0].

Messiness leads to annoying back-office problems (e.g. sifting through mounds of documents when filing taxes or setting up a trust). It is not particularly fun (or efficient) filling out the same document collection forms year after year.

The Compound Vault solves this problem and serves as your system of record for all of your financial, tax, and legal documents.

Vault puts your document management on autopilot.

As part of onboarding, we catalog all of your documents (everything from 83(b) election receipts to prior year tax returns). We integrate with payroll providers and cap table managers to automatically ingest relevant files (e.g. 1099s and stock option agreements). You can also use our mobile app to scan and tag physical documents.

We give you a custom email address that you can share with any offline funds you invest in, so you will never have to worry about K-1 collections again. You can forward any trailing documents to us and we will upload, tag, and organize them for you.

And because the Compound Vault deeply integrates across all Compound products, we can now help you manage all of your financial information in one place. So your financial planning just got easier. Taxes just got easier. Borrowing just got easier. And so much more.

Compound Team

[0] Manual document management is an O(N × M) problem (N = number files, M = number of tags) that scales with financial complexity.

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